Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what you are going to gift your friends, family, and coworkers. This year Brick and Motor Boutique is making it as easy as ever for you to start checking off your holiday gift list, all while avoiding the crowds and staying within your budget. Brick and Motor Boutique has a number of gifts and stocking stuffers for you to purchase this year that won't break the bank. Take a look below at our 10 holiday gifts under $40. No matter who is on your list this year, we guarantee these gifts will be a hit. Let Brick and Motor Boutique help you with your gift list, and maybe even help you find a few goodies for yourself.

1. Sherpa Slipper Socks - AKA Fuzzy AF Socks

Our Sherpa Slipper Socks are not your average fuzzy socks, they are most likely the fuzziest socks you will ever own. They are one size fits most and will keep your toes warm as ever this winter season. They are non-slip socks with grips on the bottom, making them a safe purchase for any age. These fuzzy socks come in 5 different styles as pictured here and are $10.99. And let's face it - you can never go wrong with gifting fuzzy socks.

2. Dish Towels to Make You Lol

If you are looking for a more humorous present to gift this year, our dish towels are exactly what you are looking for. We have five different options to choose from for $12.99 with the following sayings:

   • "Don't worry dishes, nobody's doing me either."

   • "I'm outdoorsy, I like getting drunk on patios."

   • "Send Noods."

   • "I love Jesus but I drink a little."

   • "I don't want none unless you got buns hun."

   Let's just say I wouldn't gift the first one to someone without a sense of humor...

 3. Can't Go Wrong with Earrings

More than likely, the women you are gifting to this year have their ears pierced which means you can't go wrong with a badass pair of earrings for them. We have two adorable styles for $14.99 each. The first style are our stone hoop earrings, which are basically Kendra Scott earrings without cringing at the final checkout price. And the second are our unique hexagon earrings. Both of these styles come in multiple color options that you can take a closer look at on our website.

4. Mittens are the New Gloves

Mittens are a great gift for anyone on your list because we all know we can never have too many pairs. Not to mention, we lose our favorite pair just about every single year. Our mittens are $12.99 and come in three different color options. The fur lined wrist makes them stylish all while keeping your hands toasty warm. They also have an attached string to keep them around your neck, ensuring you'll never lose your favorite pair ever again. 

5. White Elephant Gifts 

If you are like my family, you do a white elephant gift exchange every year. Whether your budget is $5 or $20, we have the perfect options to choose from. The first white elephant gift for only $6.99 is our "Fuck Off" sleep mask. The perfect gift for someone in the family who either loves to sleep or has a crude sense of humor - or both. The second white elephant gift we have is a makeup bag that reads "This Bag Contains My Face" for $9.99. Lastly, we have some hilarious flasks for the family members who enjoy their alcoholic beverages. These flasks come in three different options: Tampon flasks, sunscreen flasks, or iPhone flasks. No matter where they take their booze, it'll be a guaranteed in. 

6. Fuzzy Holiday Slippers

Everybody loves a warm pair of slippers to wear around the house when the temperatures drop. Keep your friends and family as comfy as ever this holiday season with our fuzzy holiday slippers. These are $14.99 and come in three color options - red, pink, and brown. They have a rubber sole to ensure they are slip proof and run in sizes 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10. These slippers run true to size. 

7. Fluffy Quarter Zips

In anywhere retail store you shop you will most likely run into fluffy sweaters, which are a huge trend this winter season. Unfortunately, many places that sell them have them extremely overpriced or do not offer the best quality. Our fluffy quarter zips are not only solid quality but remain in budget at $38.99. These come in four different color options - White, Pink, Gray, and Wine. The perfect cozy gift for any age.

8. Winter Headbands 

Not only do we have your toes and hands covered, but we have your ears covered as well with our extremely cozy head wrap ear warmers. These winter headbands wrap around your ears to ensure they are toasty warm all season long. These are great, affordable stocking stuffers for only $8.99. These come in tan or black color options as shown here. A simple, practical gift that will be used for future holiday seasons. 

9. Holiday Wristlet 

A fun gift item for someone who hates lugging around their oversized purse all the time is our holiday wristlet. These are the perfect sized wristlets for carrying your essentials such as your phone and a wallet when out and about. Our wristlets come in the one style of black and red buffalo check as shown here. The cutest gift or stocking stuffer for $12.99.

10. For the Makeup Lovers

If you have some big makeup lovers on your list this year, we have two great gift items to add to their stockings. First, we have a Nude Eyeshadow palette with six different beautiful shades for $6.99. Second, we have an Eyebrow Kit that has gel cream and powder to create the perfect sculpted brow look for $5.99. Both are great quality products without the steep prices you will find at most beauty stores.

11. Holly Jolly Hammered Pillows 

A cute holiday pillow is a great gift item for those who love their holiday decor. These adorable pillows that read "Let's get holly jolly hammered" are one of our best selling gift items. These pillows are $10.99 and have the quote on the front and the rust Christmas trees on the back. Perfect if you need to flip it around to the trees before the not so fun family members show up.

We hope that through our holiday gift guide we have made your shopping a little easier for you this year by helping you avoid the hectic crowds, remain in your gift budget, and even find a few items to treat yo' self with. We are also offering gift baskets in which you can let us know your budget and what items you are looking for, and we will create the perfect gift basket for you to give this holiday season. If you are interested in a gift basket, email us at or call/text us at (309) 798-8014! Happy holidays babes! xx


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