The 2019 Spring Break Guide

It's that time of year again! The time when college students around the US prepare for the best week of their lives - spring break. Whether you are planning a wild week in Cancun or a relaxing beachside trip to Cali, we have created a list of essentials you should keep in mind when planning your big trip. Starting with the most important part, choosing the ultimate destination. 

1. Hot, hot, hot

No matter what type of spring break you have in mind, somewhere warm should always be top of the list. According to U.S. News Travel, top three places for 2019 include Cancun, Miami Beach, and South Padre Island. When looking into spring break destinations, a few of the most important aspects to be considered are its affordability, accessibility, and popularity among the college cohort. 

2. Packing essentials 

Spring Break SunglassesCreating a packing list well before you head out for your vacay is crucial because the last thing you want to do is get to your destination and realize that your ID is in your other wallet or your favorite pair of shoes are no where to be found. Both crucial items. Some packing essentials that should be included on your list are:

  • Tickets (plane, events, etc.)
  • ID & debit/credit cards
  • Medications
  • Sunglasses
  • Purse (that you won't lose)

Brick and Motor Boutique has a number of trendy sunglasses that won't break the bank... because there is an 80% chance you will lose them. From classic aviators to bright blue mirrored sunnies, we have a style for everyone. 

3. Travel with at least a few responsible friends...

Keychain BreathalyzerGoing with a large group of friends is a guaranteed exciting spring break. Making sure at least a few of these friends have a responsible head on their shoulders is always important though. You don't want to all simultaneously lose your IDs or experience third degree burns. The one item someone in your group should bring is a keychain breathalyzer. Brick and Motor Boutique offers an easy to use keychain breathalyzer for $15.99. Know your limit and make sure you're not going well above this limit, we need you to make it back home alive.

4. Cash monaayyyy

Spring Break WristletsMake sure you not only have saved up for your spring break trip, but that you have at least somewhat of a budget in mind so that you don't blow through your entire bank account the first night. Besides making sure you have a plan for how much you plan on spending and saving up for it, you want to be sure your cash and cards are secure on your trip. Check out our adorable wristlets that are the perfect size - small enough to take it everywhere with you, but big enough to hold all of your essentials. Brick and Motor Boutique offers two different wristlet styles for $12.99, a cheetah print style and a snakeskin style.

5. The cutest swimwear on the beach

When going on spring break one thing you don’t want to see is someone else in the exact same suit... and let’s just say it’s not the easiest finding a quality, unique swimsuit that won’t break the bank. Brick and Motor Boutique has a brand new line of swimsuits that are not only trendy, adorable styles, but all come at a super affordable price (Yes, we beat Target swimsuit prices!). Two of our most popular suits this season is our Pretty in Pink Swimmy and our Tropical Swimmy. Both of these adorable swimsuits are $26.99 for the set.

6. Hangover cures... essential

Hangovers can break a spring break trip if you don't come prepared for them. Some things to make sure you pack to avoid these dreadful mornings are:

  • Fuck off sleep mask
  • Pedialite, a life saver
  • Alllll the Advil
  • Face masks to bring you back to life

Brick and Motor Boutique can help with your brutal mornings with the following self care items we offer. We have a hilarious, silk "Fuck Off" sleep mask for $6.99. We also offer a wide variety of face masks for only $2.99 (in store only) that help with different skin treatments such as hydration, pore cleansing, skin tightening, and more.

We hope that through our spring break guide you have found a few helpful tips when taking on your 2019 spring vacay. Don't lose your phone, don't get sunburnt, and have the absolute time of your life.


Brick and Motor Boutique


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