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Why it is NOT “just a t-shirt” ⇢ Ingenious inspiration to style our Spice Girl tee.

Written by: Peyton Maechtle

For the love of oversized clothing—

While I love a good crewneck (and we certainly have more than a few cute ones), there is something to be said about the most comfortable tee. It can be slouchy and oversized and baggy in all the right ways, but also lighter and breezier in even better ways than a crewneck.

I always thought that bipolar weather was a strict characteristic of the Midwest, but living on the West Coast has shown me that this is not always true. What does differ, however, is the way that the residents of said area speak of the weather—there is something about discussing the weather with a fellow Midwesterner that you can’t find anywhere else.

Enter the oversized tee, stage right.

While a crewneck can be cozy, the oversized tee offers layered options. Chilly in the morning? Layered jean jacket. 90 degrees at the pumpkin patch in the middle of October at noon? Cast that jacket aside, baby. Watching a Hallmark movie with an emotional support cup of tea? Chuck on that chunky sweater. You don’t have to suffer, trust us.

The oversized tea is the pinnacle of “dress it up or dress it down,” the phrase constantly uttered in dressing rooms across the globe to convince one or more parties that the piece in question is, in fact, worth it. In this case, it truly is. Check out four of our favorite ways to style our “Spice Girl” tee for the season!

Running Errands

Biker shorts. Period. Full stop. Anything paired with biker shorts ensures a look that screams “effortlessly running errands while on a busy street in New York and ~please~ don’t take my photo.” Paired with a hat to get out of styling my hair and a cute pair of socks to bring a little dimension to my sneakers and I am off, grocery list in hand and latte in heart.

You can find these Biker Shorts at the boutique, and I can’t recommend them more. They are incredibly soft and comfortable, but they also hold up to the test of HITT workouts. Bonus for both!

“I’m not planning to leave the house but if I was, I look cute”

Cue the chunky sweater, Hallmark movie, and emotional support cup to tea. Something about a cute tee and a sweater just makes the air feel a little crisper, the coffee a little sweeter, and the house a little cozier. Even on a Sunday at home or a night in, I am always down for an ice cream run because I feel so cozy but still look cute.

Fall Festivities

Rolling and tucking a t-shirt is a booming trend this year, and Pinterest will tell you a thousand-and-one-ways you can tuck or roll your shirt. No matter if you tuck it into your bra or use a hair tie, styling the oversized tee with a skirt or overtop of a dress creates this style mixing vibe, kind of like the way chunky boots look great with a dress.

A Classic

If nothing else, never forget that a tee shirt looks great with a pair of jeans and a cute pair of shoes, no matter WHAT!

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